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The Common Game

 The Common Game is a valuable resource, as it provides results for up to 1000 tables. 

In our small club games, the matchpoint scores can be very different from the normed scores in the Common Game. 

Interesting hand analyses.   The more clubs that get on board, the better it will be for all.

The Common Game, Register, Tutorials, FAQ, More

Bobby Wolff's Column and numerous Bridge Blogs and websites. See below.


  • Jun 2 Worldwide Bridge Contest
  • Jul 9 ACBL wide Instant Matchpoint Game 
  • Nov 5 ICC Pairs Game
  • Dec 17 ACBL wide International Fund #3
  • Dec 27 ICC Pairs Game

Register for the Senior Pairs Game. Let us know if you need a partner

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The Aces on Bridge - Bobby Wolff


Bobby Wolff (Las Vegas) is one of the all-time great  American bridge players. He played on the original Dallas Aces (the  first professional bridge team in history) which he helped organize with  Ira Corn. Wolff won his first world championship in 1970 and has  accumulated 11 world titles, 10 silver and bronze medals in world play,  and over 30 national titles. He served as President of both the American  Contract Bridge League and the World Bridge Federation and is the only  person to win world championships in five different categories.   In  1994 Wolff was unanimously elected to the WBF Committee of Honour, and  he is a member of the ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame. 

The “Aces on Bridge” column featured here, which has been appearing  daily for over 25 years, is syndicated by United Feature Syndicate in  more than 130 newspapers worldwide. All columns appearing in his website are posted at least two weeks after the original printed date.

Bobby Wolff’s autobiography, The Lone Wolff, was published by Master Point Press in February 2008. For more information, see his website at

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